Tammy Blair (R) For Texas Senate, Dist. 3
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Only in the past couple of years have more people become aware of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 initiative. While many of the terms have become more commonplace through the efforts of local city planners (as well as extreme environmental activists), we can only hope that they themselves have not been fully aware of the ultimate goal of this global plan. Fortunately, through the hard work of good Americans nationwide, the word has gotten out that all we hold dear as Americans is under direct assault.

The long treasured and God-given American rights of life, liberty and property are threatened by this diabolical agenda. The objective of “sustainable development” is to achieve reduced consumption, social equity/justice and the preservation of “biodiversity”. The proponents focus on the areas of global education (indoctrination), global land use (control) and global population control (which includes population reduction). Global gun control is, of course, necessary to achieve full compliance. Agenda 21 is essentially global communism. Under the tenets of Agenda 21, Americans will lose the rights to life, liberty and property as envisioned by the American Founding Fathers. The United States Constitution will no longer be the Supreme Law of our land and be replaced with international law as determined by a World Court.

Most of Agenda 21 is being implemented at the local level. Some components of the initiative have been attempted at the state level in Texas because of the “North American Union” entered into by George H.W. Bush at the 1992 Earth Summit. Specifically, the TransTexas Corridor (renamed the Innovative Connectivity Plan) and the use of Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s). Alarmingly, this trend is now being seen at the federal level with the most recent highway bill providing for PPP’s to build and toll hundreds of new and existing roads, often with non-compete clauses that prohibit or penalize the expansion of free roads surrounding them! Keeping in mind that two stated goals of Agenda 21 are to restrict mobility and abolish private property, PPP’s accomplish both.

While it is bad enough that some of our elected representatives have been involved in these initiatives, what is worse is that we would actually consider re-electing them! Tar and feathers may be more appropriate for the assault on our liberty that they have participated in. Whether knowingly or not, there is no excuse. The proper role of government is to uphold the law of the land…the Constitution. It is right and proper for our representatives to defend our natural born rights of life, liberty and property. Some state level representatives have expressed the fallacy that it is not a state level issue. I strongly disagree! Local and county level governments must be held accountable to the Rule of Law.

The New World Order is on our doorstep. Shall we open the door and let it in? Or do Texans know how to deal with trespassers?

I am running for Texas Senate in District 3 for many reasons. Chief among them is the defense of the American dream by finding ways to stop the United Nation’s Agenda 21 in Texas in every way, shape and form. The United Nations has become anti-freedom and anti-American. As a citizen of Texas, I strongly advocate for removing the United Nations off of American soil and defunding it. As an elected servant, I would continue the same.

The State of Texas should in no way cooperate in the destruction of American or Texas sovereignty by continuing to ignore this assault on freedom. Rather, the State of Texas must finally take a stand and do its job: Uphold and defend the Constitution!

Toward Liberty,

Tammy Blair
Candidate For Texas Senate, District 3