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Dwayne Stovall (R) For U.S. Senate (Texas)
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Do you want to restore the Constitution of the United States as written and amended?

Do you believe the Federal Government consistently works outside the limits placed on it by the Constitution?

Do you see how the United States of America, which the Constitution created as a Republic based in federalism, has declined into a Nation based in socialism?

If so, you are the one I am talking to.

I have held out hope that someone with Jeffersonian principles would step up to run against U.S. Senator John Cornyn, and since it has not happened, I have decided to test the waters. I am reaching out to conservative and liberty oriented groups to see if it is possible for a regular citizen to garner enough signatures to enter the race by petition. To get on the ballot, one must pay a fee of $5,000 or provide a petition with 5,000 signatures. I have chosen to use the petition to gauge how much support can be expected.

I am a Christian, Texan, husband, father, and small business owner in Cleveland, Texas. I have been happily married for 22 years and have 3 children. Starting with nothing and trying to build a business is an experience that everyone should have to go through. The thought that you can lose everything you have and upset the lives of everyone around you, because of a single poor decision or unexpected incident, will teach you lessons about life that no university can possibly provide. We have faced wolves at the door, and been blessed with the ability to keep them at bay. I am not rich, but I am blessed.

Thankfully I am not a lawyer or an over educated intellectual, but I do have a master’s degree in common sense. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to have a college degree to do the job of a U.S. Senator you can stop reading here.

When I entered my 40s I became acutely aware of the negative impact the last century of centralized planning and unconstitutional growth of the Federal Government has had on our State and our individual liberty. It was that awareness that motivated me to start learning again and which ultimately led me to the founders, framers, and ratifiers of the Constitution of the United States.

I have since embarked on a never ending journey of self-education revolving around source documents and what the Constitution of the United States meant to the people at the time it was created, debated, and agreed to.

The underlying theme of everything I have learned so far is that “interpretations” of 20th century unelected progressive judges are generally adverse to the Constitution, and Texas, like every other state, is being taken over by tyranny in the form of federal judges; judges that take every opportunity to unconstitutionally expand the size and scope of the Federal Government at the expense of state sovereignty and independence.

I am in no way an historian or constitutional scholar, but almost none of the elite in DC are either and many actually view the Constitution as nothing more than an obstacle; a meaningless document.

I absolutely hate the idea of being in politics, but in late 2011 I became so distraught at what was being done to future generations of Texans that I came to a personal crossroads; I had to decide whether to simply stop voting altogether or to get in on the fight. So with just a few weeks left before the primary, I entered the race for State Representative in my district. I had about 12 weeks to campaign, but I still garnered 43% of the vote in each of the two counties I campaigned in.

Why don’t I run for that position again? Simple. We all know we are being destroyed by the power hungry elite in Washington D.C. and like it or not, the last vestige of a State’s check on the Federal is in the U.S. Senate. Although in 1913 the 17th amendment destroyed this check, I still expect a Senator to represent Texas as it was meant to be; as a sovereign and independent member of this Union. I am sick and tired of Senators selling us down the river with ever more debt and lost liberty, while at the same time lying to us about how conservative they are, or how loyal they are to their oaths to protect the Constitution.

That said; I want everyone to know that I think Ted Cruz has done a wonderful job so far, but as with all elected officials, especially lawyers, trust but verify, and I am certain Senator Cruz would agree.

Speaking of Senator Cruz: What if Senator Cruz spent the rest of his term voting for increasing the debt ceiling, increasing spending, destruction of the Constitution, and removal of State sovereignty and independence? Would you vote to reelect him? I’m sure your answer is the same as mine; absolutely not.

But what if the voting record I just described belonged to a two term incumbent? What if you knew that a Senator from Texas had a long history of voting in favor of growing the size and scope of the Federal Government? What if you knew that current Senator John Cornyn is not a friend of republicanism, federalism, or limited government? What if you knew that Senator Cornyn’s voting record would make him more historically aligned with a nationalist like Alexander Hamilton than with a supporter of individual liberty such as Thomas Jefferson? Would you still vote for him? I know these things to be true, and I can no longer remain silent.

The Senate was never intended to represent the people; that was the job of the House. Its primary purpose was to represent the best interest of the States. During the debates in Philadelphia George Mason argued that the branches of the new central government must have “the faculty of self-defense” and insisted that the selection of senators by state legislatures alone could meet that need. His motion passed. As Madison noted; surely the States needed to able to protect themselves against the likelihood that the federal legislature would swallow them up. (Again, the 17th amendment destroyed this check)

The primary job description of a United States Senator:

1. Propose amendments to, or concur with, bills and amendments originating in the House.
2. Propose bills or amendments that are NOT related to raising revenue.
3. To offer advice and consent to the President in matters related to Treaties and appointments.

This job of a United States Senator from Texas is not beyond the common citizen. It does not require a great education or skill. It requires that a person simply be honest, forthright, and loyal to the great State of Texas. A U.S. Senator should have a very strict set of guidelines:

1. Only support federal actions that are expressly authorized in the U.S. Constitution.
2. Never vote to increase the size and scope of the Federal Government.
3. Never vote to increase spending or to raise the debt ceiling.
4. Never vote for anything that will negatively affect Texas.
5. Actively include the Governor and the State legislature of Texas in the business of the U.S. Senate.

Future generations of Texans are being sentenced into servitude to a bankrupt unconstitutional National Government (not federal) that is becoming more tyrannical by the day. The founding principle of liberty is being destroyed by the very people we have entrusted to protect it and we cannot afford to stand by any longer. If you will have me I will gladly take up the fight, but I will need your help to do so.

Please contact me if you wish to help with the petition drive.

In liberty,

Dwayne Stovall


Dwayne Stovall Opposes Agenda 21:


My view of the United Nation’s global initiative “Agenda 21″ is the same view I have of cancer. It must be dealt with as soon as possible and with action required to eradicate it, not just slow it down.

I first heard of Agenda 21 while in Japan about 10 years ago. I was invited to have a drink with a dozen or so construction equipment dealers from around the globe. It was ironic to me that none of these men could agree on a single political point, but to my amazement, they each agreed emphatically that the world was being managed by an elite few. And that these elite few were tied to everything from central banks around the world to the United Nations. They kept using words like “global initiative” or “Agenda 21″ and how they were a means for controlling the planet. I was the youngest in attendance and the only American and I really didn’t give it much thought. When they used these terms, it was like hearing George H. W. Bush use the term “New World Order” in his 1991 speech introducing America to Operation Desert Storm in Kuwait. It just left me scratching my head and wondering what the hell they were talking about.



Over the years I paid attention to its development. I watched it grow to include global gun control. One of my good friends and business associates from Australia sent me an email before Christmas to let me know that Australia had “jumped the shark”, so to speak. They had passed the very first carbon tax. They were actually paying a tax on air! He is at a complete loss on how to stop this movement. I have to say, a part of me was just glad it wasn’t here…

I couldn’t have been more wrong. In early February, because of a tip from a friend, I attended a “Go Sustainability” meeting at the public library in Liberty, Texas. The meeting was held by the Harris-Galveston Area Council. In questioning the facilitators, I found out that it was funded by a grant from HUD with support from the FedDOT and the EPA. I am almost positive that if we dig deeper, there is some money from the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). NO ONE from the State Capitol of Texas is involved and as far as I know, none are aware it is happening.

In liberty,

Dwayne Stovall