Excellent Work Mckinney Tea Party!


McKinney, Texas scales back green initiatives, disbands environmental office

Dallas Morning News
07 October 2012

The city of McKinney logo signals a municipal interest in the environment — it features a green tree and the slogan “Unique by nature.”

But this year that interest has come under greater scrutiny. Council members and city staff have re-evaluated how much money and effort should be spent on sustainability efforts. And residents have flooded the council with emails questioning the motives behind green initiatives, bike lanes and sustainability plans.

Now, amid pressure from some outspoken groups, the city is scaling back its environmental programs. The city’s three-person Office of Environmental Stewardship has been disbanded, with the one remaining employee moving to the public works department. The City Council has scrapped the idea of implementing a sustainability master plan. And city staff is scaling back its effort to win environmental or conservation grants.

But the document angered some conservatives, who thought the effort went beyond the role of a municipal government. On the website mckinneyteaparty.com, a political cartoon was posted that suggested that the program was tied to an agenda pushed by “Dear Leader Obama” and the United Nations. Leaders of the McKinney Tea Party effort did not return calls or emails seeking comment.

“We have some citizens that are concerned that our freedoms are being eroded,” said Councilman Don Day. “I think that is where this debate has come from.”


Letter to the Editor:


Thank you, Mr. Watkins, for your article educating our unsuspecting citizens, and revealing the amount of money wasted on our city’s “green initiatives. Grant money is OUR tax money OR borrowed Chinese money that has to be paid back with interest. It is NOT monopoly money! Also note, that the “sustainability plan”, prepared by pro-EPA and NGO entities, was presented before special interest groups representing a minority of 1-2% of the electorate. Also note, that citizen questions regarding a vote or costs were met with eviction from the meeting by armed officers. That, sir, is NOT a consensus!!

The joke around town is the our motto “Unique by Nature” is most often desecrated by our own city. They have allowed acres of beautiful trees to be destroyed for office buildings that no one wanted or could afford. They have planted medians with trees and plants (at least in the wealthier parts of town) only to allow them to die – at what cost to taxpayers? It’s NOT the residents who need educating on conservation – we’ve been doing it for decades. However, our city officials need a great deal of education on P & Z to avoid pollution in overdeveloped “mixed use” neighborhoods; the permits for their builder buds should require concrete board instead of sheet rock, higher quality windows, insulation, water heaters, and sprinklers – all that had to be retro fitted in our homes! They are building a skate, bike, and dog park in a forest – cutting down trees when other land is available. Follow the money. How about the pollution and traffic from our
economic diversity busing program??

The $100,000 spent for a plan prepared by EPA operatives and NGO’s to compel us to spend even more money, have more regulations, more property restrictions was money better used on our deteriorating streets. The $20M proposed for bike lanes that would shut down one of our two traffic arteries, and force drivers to be liable for bike riders, who wear NO reflective gear, have NO bike lights, NO turn signal, NO liability insurance, and who do NOT obey the rules of the road. Could we use that money to provide better water storage for emergencies? Instead of wasting money on metal sculptures, could we get better signage warning drivers of an upcoming intersection? There are people who will not drive here at night, unless they live here, because they can’t read the poorly lit street signs until it is too late to make a turn. Could we use that money to improve the police/fire response, or by stopping the drug dealing in East McKinney? How about arresting the illegals responsible for hit & run accidents – we had our SECOND hit last week? Is the city paying our deductible?

McKinney has a history of hiring incompetent or agenda driven city managers. When a highly acclaimed professional Police Chief is “reassigned” without the approval or knowledge of the mayor or city council, and replaced with a “cohort”, the specter of nepotism rears it’s ugly head. The only reason we got voted one of the best places to live is because the city and MISD filed an application. It was NOT because of the integrity, financial wisdom, or common sense of our leaders.

People moving in from the west coast, who have ruined their own area with high taxes and green schemes, are perfectly willing to keep our spending and taxes high too. They are ready to repeat a lesson they failed to learn. Please advise Mr. Hammer that our large group of angry, old, broke folks are tired of being bullied by our elected officials falling for the eco sustainability nonsense perpetuated by the eco terrorists trying to hook them into spending money we don’t have, regulations we don’t need, restrictions that are unconstitutional, and a way of life that we fought years to protect! We are strongly encouraging our state representatives to follow the lead of Alabama by stopping this onslaught by radicals, who have their own agenda, which does NOT reflect our American way of life. Since some of us are retired, we do have the time to monitor what our elected officials are proposing (unless it’s under the table in the dead of night), so be sure we will also share this information with friends, neighbors, kids, and grand-kids. Elected officials at ALL levels are to follow the will of the people NOT special interest groups, and if they can’t be a PUBLIC servant instead of a dictator….well if you can’t fix stupid, you can vote it out…the sooner the better.

NM & BC Lochridge
McKinney, Texas 75070