Robert Kecseg, member of the Lone Star Tea Party and Financial advisor, explains UN Agenda 21 / ICLEI to the Mayor and City Council of Irving, Texas. Thank you, Robert Kecseg, excellent job!



Recent activism:

Joyce Howard, treasurer of the Irving Republican Women’s Club, recently spoke to the Irving City Council regarding ICLEI and asked city officials to cancel their membership.

Thank you Joyce.

Contact the Mayor and City Council.
Tell them you want Irving, Texas to Cancel their ICLEI Membership.

Beth Van Duyne, Mayor
Phone: (972) 721-2410

Michael E. Gallaway, Place 1
Phone: (214) 629-9567

Roy Santoscoy, Place 2 (at-large)
Phone: (214) 629-9596

Dennis Webb, Place 3
Phone: (214) 490-9749

Lewis Patrick, Place 4
Phone: (972) 790-6478

Rose Cannaday, Place 5
Phone: (972) 871-0019

Rick Stopfer, Mayor Pro Tem, Place 6
Phone: (214) 876-7172

Gerald Farris, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Place 7
Phone: (972) 523-0784

Joe Philipp, Place 8 (at-large)
Phone: (214) 693-0093